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New blog, who dis?

Had to rebuild the blog again due to a roadblock of old dependencies. I ❤️ JS.

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Optimistic User Interfaces: A good kind of lie

Optimistic UIs are full of little lies that attempt to make the web feel more responsive and real-time. The truth can be predicted. Most of the time.


App privacy, part I: Apps are not private

It's hard to build cloud-synced collaborative apps if you genuinely care about user privacy. Most apps are not private by default by design. They should be.


Bizarre browser behaviour: SVG in the Cypress Tree

Pain is relative. Things are getting better.


It breaks all by itself

It sometimes feels inevitable that code over time will eventually break itself, but this isn't quite true.


Twitter brought me here

I always found Twitter less of a burden than other networks, with higher signal to noise.


Where songs start

I've not played many gigs this year, so I've not spent as much time practicing as I did last year.


Unit Testing Java Classes in Android Studio

Testing Android applications has a reputation for being more difficult than it should be. Testing plain Java code on the other hand should be relatively easy.


Beyond the Basics: Dependency Injection and the Model-View-Presenter pattern (part 1)

I’ve been developing for Android on and off for just over a year now.


Build something for yourself

There’s something in this idea of building things for yourself.


Why is that Web Dev running Android Studio? 4 months on...

Towards the end of February—just over 4 months ago—I installed Android Studio and set out trying to build my first Android app.


Resources for learning Android development

A big collection of resources, tutorials and libraries I found useful for getting started quickly with Android.

Why is that Web Dev running Android Studio?

Some of the reasons I’ve decided to start learning Android development instead of doubling down on JavaScript and the open web.