Shaun Church

Hello, I'm Shaun. I build stuff on the web and pretend to have time to make music and write words.

I also help teach people software development.

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New blog, who dis?

Had to rebuild the blog again due to a roadblock of old dependencies. I ❤️ JS.

#dev#front end#apps#ui

Optimistic User Interfaces: A good kind of lie

Optimistic UIs are full of little lies that attempt to make the web feel more responsive and real-time. The truth can be predicted. Most of the time.


App privacy, part I: Apps are not private

It's hard to build cloud-synced collaborative apps if you genuinely care about user privacy. Most apps are not private by default by design. They should be.


Bizarre browser behaviour: SVG in the Cypress Tree

Pain is relative. Things are getting better.


It breaks all by itself

It sometimes feels inevitable that code over time will eventually break itself, but this isn't quite true.