Shaun Church

Build something for yourself

There’s something in this idea of building things for yourself. I’ve never felt more motivated to work on a project, and I’ve never had a clearer perspective on the user experience of a product.

I know exactly what the problems are because I’ve experienced them myself. It highlights how blind I am when building something without truly understanding. The importance of involving end users in prototyping and testing ideas couldn’t be greater. It’s not easy to emulate truly needing to use something if you don’t.

I love what I do no matter who it’s for. I savour the challenge, relish the satisfaction that comes from solving a problem and from making something new exist. Working with a talented team on products that are the sum of everyone’s contribution is an experience that brings many rewards.

But building something that you need yourself that is also useful for others—even on a tiny scale—is something quite special.

If we don’t use the things we build how can we know if they work as well as they could? We have to ask a person who does.

So build something for yourself.

Be the critic and the creator.